Jaclyn Bates

Jackie Bates - CEO & CrossFit Coach

As the owner and founder of Limitless Performance and Therapy and CrossFit Cedar Grove, Jackie has dedicated her life to helping people improve their wellbeing. A friend first mentioned CrossFit to Jackie and she fell in love with the new intensity it brought to her workouts. It became her dream to create an environment with a welcoming and productive atmosphere for everyone who walked through the doors. With over 16 years working in the fitness industry (coaching group fitness, personal training, and managing fitness businesses), she’s obtained her CF-L1, USA Weightlifting, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, and FNS, all to help her deliver the best education of proper movement and technique to everyone she coaches. Jackie has a true passion for motivating and helping others get healthy and achieve their wellness goals.

Fun Facts About Jackie:

  • She can say the alphabet backwards reallllllyyyyyyyy fast.
  • She is an Aires Sun, Pisces Rising, and Virgo Moon.
  • She is an animal lover and along with owning many of her own, she loves to help other animals in need.
Danielle Aguilera – CrossFit Coach

Danielle Aguilera – CrossFit Coach

Dani walked into her first CrossFit gym very out of shape and with little knowledge about weights. CrossFit has helped her learn how to properly nourish her body, finally leave binge eating behind, see muscles on her body she never thought she’d have, and allow her to keep improving and transforming as a person. As a previous High School Spanish Teacher, Dani already had a base of teaching and decided to turn her attention towards coaching and nutrition a few years ago. She’s obtained her CF-L1, CrossFit Judges Course, Precision Nutrition, M2 Nutrition: Practical Nutrition Coaching, M2 Nutrition: Hormone Health, and M2 Nutrition: Understanding Metabolism. Dani loves to see members progress and know that she was a part of that. Whether it’s a new PR or a boost of confidence, she feels it’s truly amazing to see!

Fun Facts About Dani:

  • She is a part-time coach, and full-time mommy to a beautiful baby boy.
  • Her spirit animal is a horse.
  • She loves to spend time outdoors when the weather is warm and go on hikes.
Jordyn Bush – Barbell Coach

Jordyn Bush – Barbell Coach

Why Weightlifting:
I love how technical the sport is and how such a small change makes such a huge difference– and that also goes for life outside of Weightlifting. I love the confidence that Weightlifting has given me, and I think everyone should get to experience putting a heavy barbell over their head because we are all capable of things that we don’t even know. Weightlifting has shown me that and given me the confidence to believe that I can do anything.

Years in Sport:

Favorite Lift:

Fun Facts About Jordyn:

  • I have 16 National medals, 1 International medal
Danny Carnicella

Danny Carnicella – CrossFit Coach

Danny has been a member of the CFCG community for the last 4 years and recently obtained his CF-L1 because he loves being in a role to help motivate and shift the mindset for individuals that encourages a positive impact in their life. He says we all have the internal desire to push beyond the standards we preset in everyday life and great coaches make the connections that help get others beyond those boarders – he wants to be one of those coaches. Danny originally started CrossFit because it provided a perfect blend of full body exercise, included a coach to identify movement inconsistency, and helped correct form to ensure the safety and effectiveness of complex movements. Having a pre-set workout of the day set the expectation and the group setting of CrossFit was able to give him a mix of humble nature and competitive spirit all at the same time.

Fun Facts About Danny:

  • Danny spends a lot of time volunteering in his local community through local civic organizations. He is currently a member of Nutley School Board, President of Nutley Rotary, VP of Nutley UNICO(Italian American Civic group), and Member of the Nutley Elks Lodge.
  • His favorite lift is the power clean and he likes the benchmark workout Chief.
  • By day, Danny is an Insurance and Financial Advisor.
Justin Ciaburri - Barbell Club Director and Coach

Justin Ciaburri - Barbell Club Director and Coach

Why Weightlifting:
When my football playing days came to an end in college due to a neck injury, I needed a new outlet for those competitive juices. The college I attended, FDU, had a team and I spoke to one of the other athletes about joining. He introduced me to the coach and I haven't looked back!

Years in Sport:

Favorite Lift:
Power Snatch

Fun Facts About Justin:

  • Loves the outdoors!
Alexa Dashko – Barbell Coach

Alexa Dashko – Barbell Coach

Why Weightlifting:
I started with CrossFit in 2014, about a year later a friend convinced me to go to a new oly class. I immediately fell in love with the technicality of the sport (and the slower pace!)

Years in Sport:
7 years and counting!

Favorite Lift:

Fun Facts About Alexa:

  • I have over 20 plants at home!
Brennan Elio - Coach

Brennan Elio - CrossFit Coach

With a background in basketball and soccer Brennan was led to CrossFit Cedar Grove a few years ago by family members who had been at CrossFit Cedar Grove since its opening back in 2015. Brennan felt immediately hooked by the intensity of the workouts, the great coaching, and convenience of the gym’s location. After spending years at CFCG as a member Brennan felt that he’d been lucky enough to benefit from the great coaching here, and wanted to reciprocate that to the community he’s been a huge part of and obtained his CF-L1. When he’s not at the gym, Brennan’s time is spent simply working or spending time with his wife and two children.

Fun Facts About Brennan:

  • By day, he’s an Insurance Underwriter.
  • He has not one, not two, but three doppelgangers: James Blake (tennis), Carlos Boozer (basketball), and Tiger Woods.
  • His favorite WOD is Holleyman or The Chief and his favorite lift is the Power Clean!
Duke Ferguson

Duke Ferguson – CrossFit Coach

With a longstanding passion for fitness, Chicago, IL native, Duke recently moved to Montclair, NJ and joined the CrossFit Cedar Grove Team. In college he played football and ran track, but realized he enjoyed being in the weight room as much or more than he enjoyed being on the field. From there sports lead him into Olympic weightlifting and Oly lifting is how he found CrossFit. Since then, Duke has earned his CF-L2 and with 3 years of coaching experience with CrossFit and professional hockey athletes, he brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Duke says that the best thing about being a coach is to be a part of something bigger than himself.

Fun Facts About Duke:

  • His doppelgänger is Patrick Kane.
  • When he’s not in the gym he’s usually watching basketball or hockey while doing mobility work.
  • While in Chicago he did product testing for Nike.
Carly Finan

Carly Finan – CrossFit Coach

Carly started CrossFit in 2011 as part of a winter challenge. She loved the constant variability of the workouts and watching athletes discover strengths and weaknesses they may have otherwise not known. She caught the coaching bug about 6 years ago and has since obtained her CF L-1, CF L-2, and CF Kids certifications. She loves watching athletes celebrate their big and small wins, whether it’s working towards reaching their maximum potential or discovering sides of themselves they didn't even know existed. When not working hard in the gym, Carly is hard at work for a web-based company in the Financial Services Industry in a career she loves.

Fun Facts About Carly:

  • She has two little girls who are her world!
  • Her favorite Hero WOD is Murph.
  • Her playlist is constantly varied… just like her workouts.
Jake Houthuysen

Jake Houthuysen – CrossFit Coach

Jake was introduced to CrossFit at the young at of 15 after he had to stop playing football due to injuries. Initially he liked the competitive edge and how CrossFit pushed him physically, but he stayed because of the sense of community and friendship he had with other members of the gym. It was so unlike any other gym he’d been a part of. Seven years later with two years of US Power Lifting under his belt, Jake has obtained his CF-L1 and plans to obtain his CSCS in the coming months. Jake has been passionate about this sport for a long time and is thrilled to be able to coach and give people the same experience his coaches gave him throughout the years.

Fun Facts About Jake:

  • His spirit animal is a wolverine.
  • He plays guitar and drums.
  • His favorite lift is cleans and his favorite benchmarks are Cindy and Murph.
Anna Kraeutler

Anna Kraeutler – Operations Director

Anna first found CrossFit over 10 years ago while trying to find something to cross train for a half marathon. She loved the intensity and variety the workouts offered and the first time she did Fight Gone Bad was the day she knew she was hooked. After some time in different administrative roles she was able to combine her professional skills with her passion for fitness. Anna has spent the last 5 years in fitness management and has specifically been involved with boutique gyms and startups because she likes the environment a smaller gym creates – everyone knows everyone’s name and enjoys seeing each other for class. When she’s not in the gym, Anna likes to spend time with family, run with her dogs, and hike.

Fun Facts About Anna:

  • She’s ridden a bull in a rodeo. (Spoiler: she did not last 7 seconds.)
  • She likes wall balls, burpees, box jumps, OHS, and RUNNING. And Nancy is her favorite hero WOD.
  • She is the wife to an Orthopedic Surgeon. Mother to a three-year-old plus one on the way. Dog mom to two.
Sue Mignone

Sue Mignone – CrossFit Coach

Sue was looking to shake up her workout routine – she wanted to get stronger and challenge herself. After her first CrossFit class, she was hooked on the workout, but the community and friends she’s make along the way are what kept her coming back to CrossFit over the years. She loves the community at CrossFit Cedar Grove and that she can get everything she needs to stay in shape in just an hour at the gym. After 5 years as an athlete, Sue felt the pull to obtain her CF-L1 and coach because she loves helping people reach their goals and wants others to feel as excited about CrossFit as she does.

Fun Facts About Sue:

  • She speaks fluent Portuguese.
  • With two teenage boys, she stays busy! Going to the beach, hiking, camping and fishing are some of their favorite things to together.
  • She loves to cook, go to church, and spend time with family.
Michaelle Negra

Michaelle Negra – CrossFit Coach

Born and raised in Cedar Grove, Michaelle joined CrossFit Cedar Grove as a member but found enjoyment in helping others get fit and healthy to hit their goals so she decided to obtain her CF-L1 and her CrossFit Kids Certification. CrossFit is something that changed her life and she wants to help others see and feel its benefits. Michaelle initially started doing CrossFit because she was bored of doing the same thing at a regular gym. The variety of workouts and movements of CrossFit kept her going with the sport, but she specifically stayed at CrossFit Cedar Grove because of the coaches and community – it’s her second home.

Fun Facts About Michaelle:

  • She has been traveling for work since she was 20 and has been to 48 US states and 13 different countries. She hopes to double that country count in the next 10 years.
  • She is a mother of two little kids.
  • She owns a daycare and creates video training as a consultant.
Joseph Rella

Joseph Rella – CrossFit Coach

Rella has made a career out of helping others as a Police Officer and sees coaching as an extension of this line of work. He enjoys working with like-minded people who are looking to push and improve themselves, no matter where they came from or what their current abilities are. He found CrossFit after a heiaus from working out and was instantly hooked – the camaraderie, energy, and positive vibe made him keep coming back and what lead him to get his CF-L1. When not in the gym or at work Rella is soaking up family time.

Fun Facts About Joseph:

  • Holleyman is one of his favorite Hero WODs.
  • His spirit animal is a pit bull.
  • He is from Roseland, NJ.
Alexa Sibio - Coach

Alexa Sibio - CrossFit Coach

Alexa hails to us from Caldwell, NJ with her CF-L1. She started CrossFit in 2020 and has been hooked ever since. It challenges her every day and because the workouts are constantly varied with strength and speed, she says it gives her the best of both worlds. Leadership is something in Alexa’s life that she has always really enjoyed. Although new to coaching CrossFit, she’s no stranger to commanding a team. Alexa had previously coached girl’s lacrosse and small group training classes. She says the draw for her is to help people better themselves every day! While not in the gym, Alexa like to read, spend time with friends, family, and her dog Lari, and do lots of outdoor activities.

Fun Facts About Alexa:

  • She was a competitive roller skater during her childhood.
  • She’s a CPA by day.
  • She hates to hear herself breathe during a workout so her favorite type of music is LOUD.
Angela Vitellaro

Angela Vitellaro - CrossFit Coach

As a former collegiate cross-country runner, Angela found a love for obstacle course races such as the Spartan Race; CrossFit was a natural progression from there. What started out as a side gig teaching HIIT classes at her alma mater two years ago is now her main focus. Plain and simple, she coaches because she likes helping others and always has. She loves watching someone's face when the movement finally clicks for them. Angela is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and recently obtained her CF-L1 after participating in CrossFit for five years. CrossFit is special to her because of the amazing community, and she loves that there is always something to work on and improve upon.

Fun Facts About Erin:

  • Her favorite hero WODs are DT and Murph.
  • Her spirit animal is a lioness which is why she has one tattooed on her leg.
  • She loves animals and has three cats (Sunny, Sophie, Caesar) and two dogs (Rogue and Bean).