Therapy and Services

Our Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Behavioral Specialists, and Special Instructors deliver a true, holistic approach to working with your child. We provide therapy that is fun and rewarding while helping children improve their motor and sensory skills. Our Therapists teach children how to successfully interact and explore their surroundings while enjoying themselves! It often looks like playtime, but most importantly, it’s learning time! Many children have conditions that effect sensory/motor function; however, that can be overcome! Limitless Therapists will make it happen.

All Therapy Services can be provided individually or in small group sessions to children of all ages. Our Therapists will administer screenings, evaluations, therapy, and consultations for children experiencing a variety of learning and developmental challenges.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy provides the tools to figure out how to perform daily living activities more efficiently, cope with everyday stresses, and promote success at home and school. Occupational Therapy helps children close the gaps in their abilities while learning new skills. Occupational Therapists work on improving a variety of complex issues including: motor planning, body awareness, coordination, and sensory regulation and modulation. They also address simple concerns such as the ability to coordinate their hands and eyes to catch a ball, color/write, cut with scissors, button clothing, and tie shoes. Our Therapists incorporate a play-based approach while challenging our clients to achieve their goals and reach their maximum potential.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy improves speech and language skills as well as oral motor abilities. Speech Therapists work to help children to improve their capacity to communicate with others through the use of play and social activities. Our Therapists encourage children to share their thoughts and listen to others all while having fun! They often use peers, friends, and family members during therapy to reinforce these skills. Our Therapists also help children strengthen and coordinate the muscles needed for eating and talking.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy facilitates gross motor skills and refinement. Our Physical Therapists help children who are struggling to achieve both their large and small motor milestones while improving the child’s ability to move around safely in their environment. Children engage in fun and challenging activities while working on the underlying issues effecting the gross motor skill acquisition and function. Children improve balance, strength, and coordination in their body in order to participate more keenly in a variety of activities. Children have fun and build confidence because they are working at their "just right challenge".

Specialized Instruction

Special Instruction works with children on a broader developmental scale level than traditional therapy. Your child may not qualify for services; however, he or she may need some extra help in a specific area. Special Instruction providers will improve your child’s ability to practice necessary skills while learning new ones. Areas that are commonly addressed include: attention and focus, social interaction, behavior, and cognition. This intervention is provided by Special Educators with knowledge in ABA, Sensory Integration, Floortime*, and additional training provided by skilled therapists.

Alternative Intervention

Alternative Intervention is a cutting edge approach to treat the whole child and the family. It utilizes therapeutic research-based activities in combination with one or more of the following modalities: Yoga, Manual Techniques, Music and Color Therapy, Breathing Exercises, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Energy Healing, and simple guided meditations. An Energy Intervention provider will have a deeper understanding about the origins of various symptoms and behaviors displayed in his/her clients. They will help identify physical, emotional, and mental triggers while providing practical strategies for healing. Parents and caregivers will be taught techniques to address these concerns in the home and community.