Children Programs

We realize that there may be limited opportunities for your child to engage in sensory-motor play with everything else going on in our everyday, busy lives. Your child may need an outlet to release some extra energy or may have some social limitations. Fostering social interactions and building friendships at the local playground or in community settings isn’t always easy. Here at Limitless Performance and Therapy, we embrace each child's individual needs and likes while providing a safe environment with dedicated staff who will help your child learn and practice new skills alongside peers.

Sensory Smart Kids

This is a movement group designed for children between the ages of 6 and 10 years of age. The “Sensory Smart” program was developed using Occupational Therapy based practices and techniques. Children will engage in sensory activities alongside peers to enhance child development and learning. Sensory Smart Kids program offers a structured session providing a variety of sensory input to enhance tactile awareness, writing skills, movement, body awareness, listening skills, upper body and core strength and integration.

Functional Fitness

Keep your kids active and feeling great with Limitless Kids. Our experienced instructors (who love kids and have a true passion for fitness) can help your kids develop healthy habits early on. Limitless Kids FUNctional Fitness develop muscular strength and coordination, endurance, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular health while having fun. Even small amounts of motor activity positively impact cognitive development and academic performance. Movement is the key to learning! We also offer virtual-rehabilitation therapy tools such as X-Box Kinect, Nintendo Wii, and Wii Fit to help motivate your child to participate in gross motor skill and balance activities. Significant therapeutic motor gain is achieved in children when using these tools in combination with an effective treatment approach.

Open Sensory Gym

During specific scheduled times, Limitless Kids Sensory Gym will be open for a small number of children who may or may not be experiencing challenges with learning, social skills, sensory processing, speech/language difficulties, and/or motor development. We embrace each child’s individual needs and likes while providing a fun environment with dedicated staff to ensure safety. This is a time when parents can play with their children in a sensory-rich environment and practice new skills while promoting a close family relationship.